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Welcome to the official website for the Brainstorms podcast, the only neuroscience podcast dedicated to the teenage brain. Here, you can find episode transcripts, further reading, books and online extras, and contact information for the Brainstorms team.

new logoBrainstorms explores the teenage years through the lens of neuroscience. Neuroscience, for the first time in history, is beginning to understand why teenagers think, feel, and behave so differently from adults: our brains are still under construction, and function in a totally unique way. At Brainstorms, we dig into the most current research on all aspects of the teenage brain, from studies on addiction and puberty to eating disorders and sexuality. Brainstorms also asks broad questions about teenagers in society, and the role of adolescent neuroscience in everyday life. If you want to know why social rejection literally hurts during adolescence, why teenagers are best at both learning new skills and developing addictions, and how to work, think, and care for your teenage brain, then tune into Brainstorms each week for a new perspective on the teenage brain. Whether you are a teenager, a parent, a teacher, or simply want to know more about adolescents, Brainstorms is the podcast for you.