Episode 4: Your Brain on Pot

Click here for a transcript of this week’s episode: Your Brain On Pot TranscriptNote: Conversational pieces of transcripts may deviate slightly from the spoken podcast, but all facts and science are preserved. 

This week on Brainstorms, we discuss America’s favorite drug: marijuana. Your Brain on Pot examines the potential risks of marijuana to the teenage brain. We look at popular beliefs about marijuana over the years: is it addictive? Can it be a gateway drug? Does it really make people less motivated in life, or is that just a myth designed to keep us from doing drugs? We end the episode discussing a pediatrician’s answer to the question: is alcohol or marijuana safer for teens?

If you’re interested in learning more about the science of marijuana, here are some articles to check out:

  • National Geographic did a fascinating piece on the science of medical marijuana from each angle: chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and genetics. It’s a long read, but definitely worth it if you want to learn about the science of cannabis as a plant and drug from different scientific perspectives.
  • If you’re curious to learn more about the marijuana vs. alcohol debate, Freakonomics Radio (a wonderful podcast series) did an episode on this question, which you can access online here. It’s also available on the iTunes store (search: Freakonomics Marijuana or Alcohol?)
  • Finally, if you are a marijuana user and need advice about quitting, please visit our Help Resources page for more information.


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