Episode 15: Impulses, Parents, MRIs, and Language with Dr. Tim Brown

Click here for today’s show notes: Impulses, Parents, MRIs, and Language with Dr. Tim Brown.

For our season finale before the holidays, I spoke with Dr. Tim Brown, neuroscience professor and clinical neuropsychologist of UC San Diego. Dr. Brown and I discuss impulse control and its importance in life success, the responsibilities and limits of parents in controlling their teens, how fMRIs inform us about population trends, how language processing changes over the lifespan, and how neuroscience can move towards personalized, preventative medicine for learning and behavioral disorders. Dr. Brown is an incredible wealth of knowledge on the child and teenage brain, and I hope you enjoy his interview as much as I did!

Starting on December 17th, Brainstorms will be taking a break for the holidays. Please come back mid-January for our next season of Brainstorms, when we will branch into fields like psychology and behavioral economics to explain the teenage brain and behavior!


Image: https://mri.byu.edu/images/fmri.png

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