Episode 8: Eating Disorder Interview with Dr. Erin Parks

Today, I share with you my first interview of a neuroscientist, Dr. Erin Parks of the UC San Diego Eating Disorder Center. We discuss the range of eating disorders that we see today, as well as their neurobiological, genetic, and psychological roots. We talk about how culture factors into eating disorders, what personality traits are associated with such disorders, and how science has shed light on development and treatment.

Episode 7: Sweet Dreams

Today, we investigate what it is that makes sleep so important to human life, and why teenagers seem to get so little of it. We explore the teenage circadian rhythm, and why high school start times are out of sync with teenage biological realities. We also discuss how sleep can boost academic performance and memory, and how to study and sleep to maximize memorization.

Episode 3: The DNA Trap

The DNA Trap explores how much of our brain is built by our genes. In the episode, we focus on addiction and mental illness, and how these two conditions are influenced by our genetic code that we inherit from our parents. Most importantly, we discuss what choices we can make as teenagers to live healthy lives, even if our brains are predisposed to illness and addiction.