Help Resources

Here are some preliminary resources intended to help you find organizations and institutions that provide information and support to teenagers struggling with mental health problems, addiction, and questions about sexuality and sexual health. If you are aware of an organization not listed here that you feel should be added to the list, please send me the name through our Contact page!


Though it has a somewhat cheesy color-scheme, The Kid’s Health Teen page is truly an excellent resource for any kind of health concerns, be it mental, or physical, or sexual. This website singlehandedly assuaged my concerns as I went through puberty, and has been a resource for me in creating this podcast too.

Mental Health

The National Institutes of Mental Health, Child and Adolescent  page provides excellent information for teenagers with mental health concerns, and even highlights the latest research in the field of mental illness. They also provide hotline numbers for emergency situations, such as contemplated suicide.

Reach Out is a website dedicated to teenage mental health, written for teenagers and created with the help of teenagers. It provides information as well as a support forum for teenagers to receive help from peers. The site also helps you find professional help, and provides a phone number for a United States-based Youth Helpline.

Substances and Addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse Teen page provides current ad scientifically accurate information about drug use and prevention. The website is mostly educational, and focuses on prevention. However, a link at the top of the screen reads “Need Help?” and will direct you to resources for recovering from addiction.

SMART Recovery is a science-based approach to addiction recovery. Unlike Alcoholics Anonymous, the program does not preach 12 steps or rely on religious methodology; instead, it focuses on cognitive and behavioral changes to help people recover from addictions. The organization has created a special program for teenagers, which is linked here. Their page can help you find meetings in your area, as well as a framework for recovering from addiction. The organization is recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Sexuality and Sexual Health

Scarleteen is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in anything that has to do with sex or sexual health. The website is mostly geared towards girls, but boys can find information here as well. Scarleteen is specifically geared towards adolescents, but they do not shy away from uncomfortable or mature topics. The posts are approachable and very honest when it comes to matters of sexuality and sexual health.

In addition to providing clinics across the country, Planned Parenthood has online resources dedicated to teenagers. On their website, you can find articles about STDs and pregnancy alongside articles about sexuality and dating. This website provides great information for anybody, not just those who are sexually active. The site is not only for girls, either; most articles are applicable to members of both genders.