Here is a list of some of the websites that I use most frequently when conducting research for the Brainstorms podcast. There are a nearly infinite number of great neuroscience resources on the Internet, so use this page as a starting point for your own investigations!

The Electronic Neuroscience Textbook from the University of Texas Health System is a wonderful resource for learning about the different regions of the brain. Laid out in concise chapters, you can read about only a specific region, or plow through every chapter and learn about the entire brain here.

The Mind Section of Scientific American is constantly publishing new articles about neuroscience, the human mind, and the realms of psychology and behavioral science. I’ve found tons of useful articles in their archives, which can be searched by keyword.

Pub Med Central (PMC) is the place to go if you’re looking for academic journal articles that don’t cost 40 dollars to rent. In fact, the Pub Med Central articles are all free and complete. If you go to PMC, be prepared to encounter some pretty high-level academic research. I recommend PMC for anyone who has a very specific question about neuroscience, and wants to find the answer in a first-hand documentation of a professional experiment. If you’re getting started with research papers, I suggest reading the abstract, introduction, and discussion/conclusion to get the gist of the research. Methods and analysis can get very complicated very fast!