About Us

IMG_2298My name is Avery Rogers, and I am the host, writer, and producer of the Brainstorms podcast and website. I created Brainstorms as a high school student, and I am now an undergraduate at Stanford University. I created Brainstorms in order to bring contemporary neuroscience to teenagers, in a personal, engaging, and relevant way. Today, I study economics at Stanford and enjoy asking big questions about how society works through an economic lens. If you’d like to contact me with a question about Brainstorms, an idea for the podcast, or just to say hello, please visit our Contact page for contact information!

Special thanks to Mr. John Comforto and Dr. Bob Ogle of Pacific Ridge School for providing mentorship and giving me the opportunity to teach neuroscience at Pacific Ridge. Thanks also to Dr. Kim Failor and Dr. Tracy Steele and Mr. Andrew Satanapong of Stanford Online High School for providing research assistance and connecting me with members of the Stanford OHS community.